"Green" Investment

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is one of the three pillars of the investment and energy policy of Greece. They are a major factor in the country's evolving energy sector. Biomass and bio-fuels are considered as basic market elements, with potentiality and high growth prospects. In 2010, our company Easy2Find Biomass and Energy decided to turn to RES, in accordance with Directive EU30/2003 and the Kyoto protocol, regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, by investing in 32 gasification units of 1MW each.

For the above reasons, company named Eucalyptus was founded, so as to be able to meet the needs in biomass for the units of Easy2Find Biomass and Energy, but also to export its products (pellet, ethereal oils) in other EU countries. The strategy of the company is focused on that is called as "green energy".

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Studies have been conducted worldwide regarding eucalyptus’s cultivation and its growth.